Saturday, November 2, 2019

Winter ~ Wonderland Nixie Pixie Elves Of The Woodlands Bestie Doll img16

For my first November DT project for MyBesties, I chose the Winter ~ Wonderland Nixie Pixie Elves Of The Woodlands Bestie Sherri Baldy Digi stamps Doll img16, which is just adorable!

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. I love how kind people are over the holidays. I love the Christmas music, food, cards, and all the excitement that leads up to Christmas; don't you?

When I think if elves, I think whimsical, bright colors, and loads of fun. I chose pinks, teal, and greens for this image. This card is larger than most, at 8 x 8. 

I used the following markers:

Hair: Copics RV21, RV13, RV02, and a touch of RV14. I also used the following Spectrum Noirs FS8 and FS6. For the cheeks I used Copc R20

Skin: Copics E000, E00, YR000, and a simdgen of E04
Hat: Copics B18, B14, B00, BG000, G000, and Spectrum Noirs AB2, AB3, and MG2
Scarf: Copics BG45 and BG23
Skirt: Copics RV23, RV 21, RV13, RV02, and Spectrum Noirs MG1, and MG2
Shoes: Rv 14 and Rv13

I colored several versions of this card and do have a YouTube video published with the colors I used for that card. Use the colors and the markers that you have on hand. You can color this cute image anyway that you like.

Crafting and making cards should be about fun and taking time for yourself. Happy crafting!

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